How to Make Road Trips More Exciting

How to Make Road Trips More Exciting

Put the Screen Down, Pick the Board Up

Road trips are fun and exciting when you actually get to your destination. For the most part, driving in the car is not always as exciting as we hope it will be, especially if you are the passenger. While you can always catch up on your favorite podcasts, play the typical car games, have deep conversations with your road trip companion, or sleep, all of these activities can get old quickly. Air Surferz has a solution to road trip boredom. Our air surfboards for your fingers will give you endless entertainment! If you are looking for a way to make your road trip more fun for you or your kiddos, Air Surferz can help!

Blue Marlin Air Surferz surfboard.

Premium Quality

At Air Surferz, we offer a variety of premium quality finger air surfboards that passengers of all ages will love using in the car. Our surfboards are made with durable, high-quality material and include a synthetic string that goes around your finger to keep the board attached to you as you surf it through the air! You will love the look and feel of our surfboards, but what you will love even more is the way they glide through the air.

 Air Surferz party pack of finger air surfboards.

 Nature’s Finest Materials

Our finger air surfboards are made with nature’s finest materials. We work hard to create unique, fun, and handcrafted finger surfboards out of the best materials possible, ensuring that you can enjoy endless fun, drive after drive! Each hand-cut surfboard features a beautiful design and is built to last! Make your road trips more enjoyable for every passenger with these air surfboards made with the finest materials.

Original air surfboard from the Air Surferz board bundle.

Take It With You Wherever You Go

The best part about Air Surferz is that you can take yours with you wherever you go! They are small and easy to store, they can be used in any car you are riding in, and they can provide endless amounts of fun! Whether you are drinking into the mountains for a camping trip or driving across the country, your finger air surfboard can be a great source of entertainment!

Unique Designs

We made our Air Surferz air surfboards to all have unique designs. This allows you to find the perfect option for you and your style! With so many different designs to choose from, you can even start an air surfboard collection! Be sure to shop through our collections to find the perfect design for you.


Air Surferz can help make every car ride and road trip more entertaining for every passenger with our finger air surfboards! If you want a unique and fun way to stay entertained while riding in the car, these tiny air surfboards are a great option. Shop through our collections to find your favorite and order today!