Guide To Our Bestselling Air Surfboards

Guide To Our Bestselling Air Surfboards

Finger Surfing: It Is the New Way of Riding Air Waves

Finger surfing is a fun and unique way to enjoy every car ride. No matter where you are going, how old you are, or what your hobbies are, Air Surferz can provide you with a high-quality finger surfboard to ride some air waves! We offer a large collection of finger surfboards to choose from, allowing you to find the perfect style and design for you. Check out our collection of finger surfboards and learn about each of our bestselling styles below! 

A person using The Original Air Surferz fingerboard.
The Original
The board that started it all — the Original board is sleek, simple, and comes in three colors, Tiger, Walnut, and Bubinga. The original board allows you to surf the air with ease and is sold as a bundle or a party pack. When you order the original board, you get all three colors! This is a great way to start your Air Surferz collection and enjoy air surfing with friends or your family.

Someone using the Freedom Flyer Competition Surferz
Competition Surferz
Our Competition Surferz come in a variety of design styles, making it easy to find one you love. The Competition boards feature a fishtail cutout, providing top-of-the-line aerodynamics. The Blue Marlin features a blue top and a stunning Air Surferz logo on the bottom. The Mahalo surfer offers a stunning and intricate flower design on one side, and comes with three color options on the other! This is a great board if you want something flashy and stylish. The last Competition board is the Freedom Flyer. This board features an American flag design on one side and our logo on the other. These Competition boards are a great option when growing your collection.

The Trickster board from Air Surferz.
The Trickster
The newest board in our collection is the Trickster! This board is versatile and offers a unique look. This fingerboard is shorter than the standard Air Surferz and wider, giving you more surface area to perform insane tricks and ride the wind in style!

 Someone holding up three Air Surferz boards.
Air Surferz Is Always Evolving
At Air Surferz, we are always evolving, coming up with new styles and designs, and reimagining our fingerboards. This means that there is always something new in store and a new board to add to your collection. When you shop at Air Surferz, you are likely to find a new board or design that can help you shred the air in style.

Whether you are always heading on road trips or get bored as a passenger in the car, Air Surferz is a great solution! You can enjoy surfing the air with our high-quality and hand carved fingerboards. Be sure to check back often to see when new boards we have added to our collection. Contact us to learn more!